Pulmonary Test

Pulmonary Function Testing:

In accordance with Occupational Health and Safety regulations our registered technicians conduct spirometry (pulmonary function) testing. All pulmonary function tests are reviewed by our in house MRO (Medical Review Officer)/physician.

Pulmonary function testing (a.k.a. spirometry testing) is a screening test for lung function health. It measures the rate of airflow and the volume of air moved through the lungs to identify the possible presence of restrictive or obstructive disease.

Our certified technicians and nurses will complete an employee medical and occupational history for past and present exposure to hazardous materials, encourage the employees to perform the test to the best of their ability and explain the results of the test to each employee. Employees are provided with a requisition for a chest x-ray and referred to their family doctor if any concerns arise.

The main focus of this testing is to:
  • Assist in the appropriate placement of workers
  • Detect disease at any early stage
  • Indirectly identify respiratory hazards
  • Reduce employee suffering due to exposure

The Occupational Health and Safety Code has requirements for exposure to hazardous materials and can provide valuable information on exposure limits and proper personal protective equipment.

Some important requirements for employees, when they come for their testing to be done are:
  • The employee must not smoke cigarettes or use an aerosolized bronchodilator (like an emergency inhaler) for 1hour before testing
  • The employee should not eat a heavy meal for 1 hour prior to testing
  • A 3-week recovery period is required from illness such as a cold or flu, bronchitis or pneumonia
  • A 3-month recovery period is required after having surgery to the head, chest or abdomen
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