Ensuring the Perfect Fit and the Best Protection

By performing quantitative mask fits, as opposed to qualitative mask fits, employees and employers can be sure the mask that the employee is wearing is the right fit and will provide the best protection.

Quantitative fit testing will provide your employees with a numerical fit factor that is obtained by testing the ambient particles within the air and within the half or full respirators. This method of fit testing also helps to verify that the seal of the mask will not be broken during any of the day-to-day movements the employee will be required to partake in.

With increasing risk and safety standards, we at Medico Mobile Inc. set all of our respirator approvals to the National Institute for Occupational Service and Health (NIOSH). As the hazards at work continue to rise, so does our desire to lessen the effects that the hazards have on your employees. Quantitative mask fit testing is just one of the ways employers can make sure that they are doing their best to protect their employees.

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