Workplace Medical Testing in Edmonton and Area

As your company might be discovering, there are new challenges in workplace health and safety every year. Medico Mobile Inc. offers a complete panel of medical services that are performed by trained and certified professionals. Our services include:

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Pre-Access Testing
  • Job Specific Pre-Employment Medical
  • Hearing Test - In-Office & On-Site w/ Mobile Unit
  • Custom-Fitted Hearing Protection
  • Vision Testing
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • DOT (Department of Transportation) & Non-DOT Collections
  • DOT (Department of Transportation) Medical by our Physician
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services

Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services:

As companies today are discovering, challenges constantly arise due to new market realities. Medico Mobile Inc. offers a complete panel of medical services, including routine and executive company physicals, DOT (Department of Transportation) medicals, health assessments, audiology, pulmonary function testing and more.

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